Kullu Duesshra Begins

When after nine days of festivities (Navratri), a major part of India celebrates Duesshra on the final tenth day, a small town in Himachal gets ready for another week long celebration – that of Kullu Duesshra. This year too, the historic Kullu Duesshra began with the chariot procession of Lord Raghunath to Dhalpur Maidan. Palanquins of around 250 deities joined the procession from all over the state to pay their respect to the most important deity of Lord Raghunath.  You can read the entire news piece in the Times of India.

The beginning of the festival of India dates back to 17th century when an arrogant king of Kullu, Raja Jagat Singh came to know about a peasant who possessed beautiful pearls (though these pearls were the pearls of knowledge). The king ordered the peasant to hand over the pearls to him or face death. The helpless peasant sacrificed his life cursing the king that his food and water will turn to worms and blood every time he tried to eat and drink.

Realizing his mistake, the king sought advice from a brahmin. The holy man advised him to bring an idol of Lord Rama from his kingdom, Ayodhya, and instal it in Kullu in order to get rid of the curse. The king followed the advice and installed an idol of Lord Rama brought from Ayodhya in Kullu. Since then, Lord Rama became the presiding deity of Kullu.

Currently, the Kullu Duesshra also enjoys the status of international festival wherein artists from around the world perform at the event making it more grand.

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