Rajasthani Dance – Famous Dances of Rajasthan

Dance of Rajasthan – Popular Rajasthani Dances

Rajasthani Dance
Rajasthan, the land where each particle says its own story of enthusiasm and colorful culture. Several forms of Rajasthani Dance fill more and more brightness in its rainbow culture. Dances of Rajasthan and Rajasthani dancers are worldwide known. Some of the most famous dances of Rajasthan are listed below:

Ghoomar Dance: Ghoomar is a famous Rajastani folk dance, which was developed by Bhil tribes. It is the most popular dance of Rajasthan, which is performed by women during festive seasons and marriages. The colorful costumes and jewelry of dancers highlight the graceful performance of Rajasthani dancers.

Kathputli Dance: Kathputli is a famous traditional dance of Rajasthan. Kathputli is a wooden puppet, which is decorated beautifully with bright color dresses. In this dance form puppeteers use ballads to narrate the stories, these stories are the popular Rajasthani legends.

Gair Dance: Gair dance is another famous Rajasthani folk dance, which is performed by both men and women. Gair literally means a circle or a round, hence this dance is performed in a circle. During the dance the performers take turns into clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Kachi Ghodi Dance: Kachi Ghodi is one of the most entertaining Rajasthani dances, which was originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. Now a days this dance is performed by Potter, Muslims, Sarghara, Kamdholi and Bhambi communities. This dance of Rajasthan is performed with a wooden dummy horse.

Kathak: Kathak is a classical dance of Rajasthan, which is performed during the big events and cultural nights of Rajasthan. During the performance dancers wear traditional colorful dresses and the background classical music is played with instruments like Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar etc.

Other Famous Dances of Rajasthan: Bhavi, Drum Dance, Charai, Fire Dance, Sapera Dance and Terah Talare the other important Rajasthani dances. So plan Rajasthan packaged tours to enjoy these fantastic Rajasthani dance.

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International Tours – Top 5 International Travel Destinations

Some times our daily life routine take such a toll on us, that we loose ourself. And this is true for everyone in today’s world. To escape this boring daily routine, a long break is a must. And what can be a better idea then an international travel to relax your mind and body.

When we talk about international travel, then there are so many options that we can choose from. But among all Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, India, Australia and Poland are few of the countries that are quite popular among the global travelers. In the recent times all these destinations have gained quite much prominence.

If we talk about Poland and Australia, these 2 countries are new on the travel scene. But the serene beauty and the tranquil atmosphere of these places attracts the travelers here from all around the world.

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Tourists Attractions in Nepal

A recent news piece revealed that tourist arrival in Nepal has increased by 11 percent in Sept 2011 as compared to the same month last year. This is definitely a big boost in Nepal tourism as it reflects the positive growth of visitors in last one year. Visitors have expressed their love for this Himalayan Kingdom time and again and why not? Despite its small size, there are plethora of tourist places in Nepal to visit and equally large number of things to do.

Here are top 5 Attractions of Nepal


Pokhara Valley



Rapti Valley

Explore these places to visit in Nepal this vacation.

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Kullu Duesshra Begins

When after nine days of festivities (Navratri), a major part of India celebrates Duesshra on the final tenth day, a small town in Himachal gets ready for another week long celebration – that of Kullu Duesshra. This year too, the historic Kullu Duesshra began with the chariot procession of Lord Raghunath to Dhalpur Maidan. Palanquins of around 250 deities joined the procession from all over the state to pay their respect to the most important deity of Lord Raghunath.  You can read the entire news piece in the Times of India.

The beginning of the festival of India dates back to 17th century when an arrogant king of Kullu, Raja Jagat Singh came to know about a peasant who possessed beautiful pearls (though these pearls were the pearls of knowledge). The king ordered the peasant to hand over the pearls to him or face death. The helpless peasant sacrificed his life cursing the king that his food and water will turn to worms and blood every time he tried to eat and drink.

Realizing his mistake, the king sought advice from a brahmin. The holy man advised him to bring an idol of Lord Rama from his kingdom, Ayodhya, and instal it in Kullu in order to get rid of the curse. The king followed the advice and installed an idol of Lord Rama brought from Ayodhya in Kullu. Since then, Lord Rama became the presiding deity of Kullu.

Currently, the Kullu Duesshra also enjoys the status of international festival wherein artists from around the world perform at the event making it more grand.

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The Great Himalayan Trail of Nepal is Now Open for Tourism

Nepal is quiet known for its trekking routes and every year a number of trekkers make their way to this country to experience the thrills of this adventure activity. Recently, the Nepal authorities officially announced the opening of the Great Himalayan Trail, also referred as the ultimate trekking route in the world. The trekking route kickstarts from Taplejung in east Nepal to Humla in the west. It is amongst the longest and the highest trekking trail in the world and can also be done in phases. You can read the entire news piece in The Calgary Herald and IOL Travel.

Apart from this, there are number of other trekking routes that have been opted for and enjoyed by tourists every year. The beauty of the Himalayan mountains is such that every heart is overwhelmed and humbled at the same time. Other than Nepal, travellers can also enjoy this beauty by taking up a trip to India, Bhutan and Tibet. Some of the popular trekking routes include

  • Hemis Trekking Tours
  • Trek To Indo-Tibetan Border
  • Gangtey Gogona Trekking Holiday
  • Chomolhari Trekking Vacation
  • Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
  • Bumthang Cultural Trek
  • Lamayuru to Stok Trekking Trip
  • Om Parvat – Adi Kailash Trek
  • Binsar Trek Rishikesh
  • The Dzongri Trek
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Guwahati – The Top Attractions

Guwahati in Assam, India is one of the major tourist destinations of north east India. The city welcomes a number of tourists every year who come to explore the famous attractions of the city. Guwahati city also acts a gateway to the other cities of north east India.

Famous Attractions of Guwahati India

Kamakhya Temple – The most famous tantrik shrine of goddess Shakti, Kamakhya Temple is also one of the most visited tourist attractions of Guwahati.

Navagraha Temple – The temples of nine planet is the seat of astronomy and astrology.

Vashistha Ashram – Abode of the famous sage – Lord Vashistha.

Bihu Festival – The main festival of Assam, The Bihu Dance festival is celebrated thrice in a year.

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The Goa Tourism Season is Here Again!

The Goa season is here again! This wonderful tourist destination of India awaits to enthrall you yet again this year! Beginning October, Goa will see an increasing number of visitors every day. The reason for this is the cool climate of Goa from October onwards. The weather in Goa in October becomes quiet better, the scorching heat of summers and humidity of monsoons slowly gives way to pleasant climate.  From mid December till mid February, Goa climate will at its most pleasant self.  Tourism in Goa, thus becomes a beautiful option.

Temperature in Goa in May

Average High – 33°C

Average Low – 26.3°C

Temperature in Goa in October

Average High –  31.6°C

Average Low – 23.8°C

Temperature in Goa in December

Average High -32.4°C

Average Low -20.6°C

Once in Goa, visitors have a number of options to enjoy themselves. There are a number of places to visit in Goa like beaches, churches, forts, waterfalls and wildlife parks. Apart from this, there are a number of adventure options that can be enjoyed while touring Goa. From water sports to land activities to  cruises. here’s a quick look at what to see in Goa and what to enjoy in Goa.

Goa Places to See
Beaches – Anjuna, Baga, Calangute, Dona Paula, Colva, Varca, Benaulim.

Churches – Chapel Of St. Francis Xavier, Church Of the Carmelites, Se Cathedral,  The Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Mount, The Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary, The Convent And Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi.

Forts – Aguda Fort, Chapora Fort, Mormugao Fort, Teracol Fort.

Goa Adventure

Water sports in Goa – Snorkelling, Wind surfing, Para-sailing, Water skiing, Dinghy Sailing, Scuba diving

Land Activities – Trekking, Wildlife Safari, Hiking

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Saarc Countries

In the early 1980s, the South Asian countries recognised the significance of a friendly relations and mutual co ordination in various fields to progress in future. With this thought in mind, they created an association – SAARC or South Asian Association for Regional Co operation. At the time of creation, SAARC included seven member countries – India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal. In 2007, a new country made its entry into this group – Afghanistan. Below we provide you some information on each of these South Asian countries.

India – The biggest amongst all Saarc nations, India’ population is next only to China. The diversity of India leaves everyone fascinated, awed and confused at the same time. The country is the seventh largest country in the world and can be geographically divided into the Himalayan region, the Gangetic plain and the Deccan plateau. The country is a federal republic with its capital city at New Delhi.

Sri Lanka – The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon. The country is located south to India and is in a shape of a tear drop. The administrative capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayewardenepura while the commercial capital is Colombo. Buddhism is the primary religion in this country.

Maldives – Located south west of Sri Lanka, Maldives comprises 1,190 islands, though only 200 of these are populated. The island also has 26 natural ring-like atolls. The official name of this Saarc nation is Republic of Maldives and its capital city is in Male. The beaches of Maldives are the prime attractions for visitors.

Nepal – Covering an area of 140,800 sq km, Nepal is a kingdom located between two biggest Asian countries, China and India. Kathmandu is the capital city of this Saarc nation and the country is a Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy. Nepal is known for its umpteen adventure activities scope that it offers.

Bangladesh – The official name of this Saarc country is The People’s Republic Of Bangladesh. Dhaka is the capital city of this small country that covers an area of 144,000 sq km. With the Bay of Bengal stretching in its southern borders, the country is home to long and beautiful sea beaches. The country is also home to large mangrove forests of the Sundarbans that houses the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bhutan – It is officially known as the Kingdome of Bhutan and has its capital at Thimpu. The total area covered is 38,816 km square. Bhutan, due to the frequent storms that occur there, is also known as ‘The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon’. The incredible beauty of this Himalayan kingdom along with umpteen adventure options that it offers draws tourists in large number.

Pakistan – The official name of Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The country is divided into four main provinces – Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan. The country is home to ruins of two of the earliest civilizations of the world – Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. The natural beauty is enhanced by the Himalayas, Hindukush Karakoram and the dry desert regions of Sindh.

Afghanistan – The latest entry in the list of Saarc Countries is Afghanistan. The official name of the country is Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the capital city is Kabul. Excluding the south west region, Afghanistan is mostly a mountainous region.

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